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Who can join ASMA-USA?

ASMA-USA promotes sealcoats with PAHs proven to fall within gov’t regulations. If this is important to you, you should become a member. Manufacturers, contractors, associations, and government professionals welcome! ASMA-USA makes membership affordable at $250/year. Join asphalt emulsion sealcoat experts with over 40 years of experience. Help shape the future of the sealcoat industry. Your input is valuable to us.

Who created ASMA-USA?

ASMA-USA is proud to put our members out front. We're proud of their experience, knowledge and the relationships they build with other industry leaders. The original A.S.M.A. was created in 1992 by a large group of successful West Coast Manufacturers focused on Regional goals. For example, A.S.M.A. was successful in getting their specs adopted by Cal Trans; a huge achievement at the time. Having created consistency on the West Coast, they eventually became focused on their own businesses but maintained those valuable industry relationships. As some members began to expand east, they discovered there was less accurate info on asphalt emulsion sealcoal available. As coal tar bans continue across the country, so does the need for consistent viable alternatives in all states. The members came back together to ensure customers receive accurate reliable info on asphalt emulsion sealcoat.

This new organization was formed in 2020 to bring together manufacturers, contractors, vendors, and customers of asphalt emulsion sealcoat. ASMA-USA’s membership includes top leaders in the industry who intend to promote the benefits of and further advance the technological achievements of asphalt emulsion sealcoat on a global scale.

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