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Jake Bonotto

 Pride Sealcoating LLC

Switching from coal tar to asphalt emulsion sealer was a very easy decision for our company. For years we have been aware of the harmful effects of coal tar. Working with Emulsion has given us the peace of mind knowing that our employees no longer have to be susceptible to the negative effects. It is an easy product to use and have been very happy with the end results after completing each job. Our employees have been very happy using the new product. One of the most consistent positive feedbacks I heard throughout the season, was not having to deal with the sealer burn. Coal tar was very harmful on the skin and not easy to get off. We no longer hear from our customers questioning how long that horrible smell will last. Using an eco-friendly sealer has greatly benefited our sales. As our society becomes more aware of creating change for a healthier work environment as well as protecting our water ways and natural resources, offering a product that is guaranteed safe becomes one our top sales pitch. Educating our customers is very important to us. Being able to offer a high quality product, at an affordable price that is safe, has definitely helped our company stand out among the rest.

Jozef Schwarz

 Sealer King LLC 

I decided to switch to asphalt emulsion sealcoat because I have for many years had a breathing and chronic sinus problem. Over the years I have felt it has gotten worse and worse, even though I have tried to wear a mask. But as we all know wearing a mask in the hot sun is uncomfortable and inconvenient. So eventually you end up taking it off. So for me this was a health reason that I needed to switch to a product that enabled me to make money and not have to turn around and spend it on medical bills.

Shane Farlin

 Quality Asphalt & Maintenance, LLC 

We were early adopters of asphalt emulsion by Pitch Black here in Michigan and have not once looked back. Whether it be employee health and happiness, increased client sales with a more environmentally conscious world these days, or the fact that it holds up to our harsh winters and climate unlike what many coal tar advocates may claim. There is a learning curve and equipment use differences as far as pumps and application methods, but they remain minimal, and a non-factor cost wise to anyone that is considering the change. Ban or no ban we will never as a company that cares about our community, employees, and quality revert back to the archaic sealer known as coal tar.

Frank Purchis

 Purchis Asphalt Sealcoating LLC 

Change is never easy! We have used coal tar for many years. Also tried other brands of sealers. With the wonderful help and guidance from Dark Force our Pitch Black Asphalt Emulsion Sealcoat sales representatives, we have been truly satisfied with the Pitch Black product. We have noticed the changes with the Pitch Black product. It is easier to cleanup. No harshness from the smell or burns to the skin. We have picked up more sales. An example of this increase, we picked up a large senior community project. The property manager said the community would eat up the fact that it was eco-friendly. Because it would say it was safe for their ponds with fish and ducks.

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